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I teach women to become the best version of themselves: Healthy, confident and strong!

You’ve tried juice cleanses, macro-tracking, personal training, counseling, pills and the same ol’ 30-day challenges a million times. Why not try something different?

I work with women, just like you, to take back your health and thrive in your life through my holistic approach: Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Therapy and Fitness. The best part? It’s not complicated.


30 days to ignite your mindset & rock your bikini (or jeans and t-shirt) from the inside out



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#ThriveLife Day 9: Are Diets Dead?

Your nutrition and health project today? “Be the change you wish to see in the world” for YOUR own health today….whatever that means to you.

#ThriveLife Day 9: Be the Change

Today your #thrivelife project is to BE A CHANGE. Spread a something positive and selfless on social media, say something positive, be the change.

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#thrivelife project Day 7? Leave a note of positivity somewhere random today. Be creative. Be random. Spread positivity where it’s needed.

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